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Victoria. 16. Canadian. Huge Bruins fan with some love for the Blackhawks. French Fries and Bergy are heaven-sent. Soupy was carved by angels and if you don't think Krugey is the most precious thing ever you're wrong. My ask box is always open if you have any questions or just want to chat :)


david krejci // player series

Kaner Queue (7/∞)

"To everyone, both in Boston as well as all of the surrounding areas. To the people who moved here, who moved away from here, or who even just touch down here from time to time in the course of your busy lives. If you cheer for any of our sports teams. If the skyline puts a smile on your face or if your heart skips a beat when you hear the first three seconds of The Standells’ “Dirty Water”… You are Boston.” x

Kaner Queue (5/∞)

patrice bergeron // player series

Hawks Queue (1/∞)

5/20 Photos of Patrick Sharp.